269 El Camino Real South San Francisco, CA 94083
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Boracay Garden & Grill - opened in 2008 by founder, Jun Andres, is the sun-drenched refuge for the hungry and adventurous at heart on El Camino Real, in South San Francisco, California. When you first hear about our restaurant, the first question you would probably ask is “Adobo?”. Well, that is understandable given our restaurant’s Filipino name, but it’s not on our menu here. What we offer is “cuisine that is not typical”, said our founder. We don’t serve dishes that everybody can just cook at home.

Think: Hawaiian Tilapia and Maple Salmon. Steak a la Tokyo and Hamachi Kama. Soft-shell Crab and Pancit Bangkok. See what’s happening here? Our restaurant definitely hews to pan-Asian profile; to be more specific, an Asian island palate.



E. R.
Mountain View, CA

“I have been at Boracay Garden & Grill for the first time several months ago. Last night I visited again and I ordered pinoy adobo with pork and white rice. I also ordered a calamansi drink. The calamansi drink came almost right away. I really liked it because it was cold, tangy and sweet, just the way a like it. The pinoy adobo came after about 10 minutes. The dish looked good. The chunks of pork were accompanied by some potatoes and there was a good amount of meat juices. The flavour was out of this world and it was so good I wanted to scream! When I mixed the white rice with the juices I knew I was going to love the pinoy adobo with pork. The combination of the two is something I cannot describe. You have to try for yourself. The restaurant is not fancy nor big but the ladies serving seem polite. After last night’s experience I will definitely visit again!”

Ben W.
Springfield, VA

The Sisig is incredible!! Unlike some restaurants that put a bunch of junk like organ meat in their sisig, Boracay Grill uses high-quality pork butt. The seasoning is perfect and a small amount of chopped jalepeno adds just a little heat. Calamansi juice is the perfect beverage to wash it down with. The staff friendly and efficient and the restaurant was spotless. I definitely will return.